How to strengthen bones and teeth.

How to strengthen bones and teeth.

To keep the bones strong in the teeth, our body will need calcium in the main role and the maximum supply of calcium will be from milk products, so you must take at least one glass of milk a day,

which mineral do you need? Like vitamins, calcium, minerals, and other substances like phosphorus, magnesium, carbohydrates, etc. Tell us that for the strength of bones, it is necessary to have equal amounts of all substances in the body, so keep in mind that

teeth are a very integral part of our body and it is our duty to protect them. The first responsibility is made and for the safety of the teeth, we must clean them daily

, to keep the bones strong, we should do some exercises and exercises continuously. Surya Namaskar and or any other sports

To strengthen the teeth in the bones, we should consume such substances which are necessary for our bones such as fruits, vegetables, and many other grains.

If we talk about fruits and vegetables, then we should eat bananas, apples, or other vegetables like spinach, etc. Green vegetables are very beneficial for our body, along with strengthening our bones, we should also eat them for our body. also gives the ability to do daily work.