How to stay fit without a workout

Good diet because an energetic diet fulfills all the needs of the body.

पोस्टिक आहार में ज्यादा फैट वाले आहार ना लें जैसे फटी पीस या कोई तलिया पदार्थ इनसे बचकर रहें

without  exercise to stay fit, you need to make a schedule for your sleep, so sleep on time and wake up

eat three to four times a day and every time eat only a small amount of food, drink a proper amount of water

a good amount of water because water is the only body. Helps in maintaining a proper digestion system of the body.

Pay attention to the way you stand, walk, sit, and do other activities because there is a big role in your health.

always make a habit of doing your own work and don't leave any work to others

two Or three times a week must play some sport, no matter what your age it is necessary for a good health