If someone's father's or grandfather's hair also turned white at a young age, then there is a possibility that your hair will also be white at an early age,

if your routine and lifestyle. If you do not maintain your hair properly, then this can also be a reason for your hair becoming white

Let us get the hair colored, due to which we have to face the problem of this method many times,

if you eat more fried things and avoid milk or milk products at all, then it can also cause your hair to turn white quickly. The reason may be.

अगर आप ज्यादा तली हुई चीजें खाते हैं और दूध या दूध से बनी हुई चीजों का बिल्कुल परहेज करते हैं तो यह भी आपके बालों को जल्दी सफेद होने का कारण हो सकता है

if you are troubled by the problem of hair, then, first of all, improve your diet, and increase milk and green vegetables in your food. Do not apply

what to do

any kind of color or chemical things on your hair without any need, which can cause you problems

Take care of your hair properly, wash them well, dry them, and use only a good oil,

you can also adopt some home remedies or home remedies to make your hair white again, such as applying curd to the hair. e.t.c

आप अपने बालों को दोबारा सफेद करने के लिए कुछ होम रेमेडीज या फिर घरेलू नुक्से भी अपना सकते हैं जैसे बालों में दही लगाना  आदि