How to maintain stamina while running

Running is considered to be the best form of exercise while running we should take care of some things which improve our running ability and our body's fitness. Running also has its own rules like every sport.

What is meant by maintaining low stamina while running, what should be done so that we can run for a long time without getting tired

what should be the position of your feet while running, it is most important that you do not have to take too long tax and a lot and you have to run at a regular speed only this time Do not do more or less on time, then only you will be able to run longer

. When you run, your hands are relaxed. In the position, you should keep moving backward and forward at a short distance

you must take care of your chest and stomach, it is very forward It should not be tilted towards the side nor do you have to take your stomach back which means you can add it straight, it will be good

while running your head and neck should be absolutely straight because if you look around while running Or if you turn your neck, it will likely cause a blow to your neck

keep your mouth closed and breathe. Always take it through the nose so that you do not get too breathless and you can run for a long time,

You have to drink water, you can take it lightly or you can take two to three days before running. You can eat bananas, it will keep your running stamina good

to increase stamina, you need to hit regular running because this will make your body get used to running and then your stamina will increase automatically. Staying active at work