Do you also want your hair to be dark and thick, then definitely follow some of these remedies,

you do not need to worry, these remedies will not have any side effect because it is completely Ayurvedic and There will be domestic harm,

if you want that this will be about you, let me tell you, first of all, you have to avoid chemicals because nowadays there is a chemical in shampoo or oil, due to which our bars start thinning slowly

. Applying it to the hair roots every day strengthens their roots because onion has good antibiotic properties,

you can also apply modern almond oil to darken your hair, this will give good quality to the hair roots

. Applying oil gives good quality to the hair, at the same time we should take care that we apply coconut oil at the right time like in the evening or after 1 hour of bath

Do not use any hybrid to allow water to drain naturally

If you are satisfied with any of these things, if you cannot get more information about it from the Internet or from our website,

before taking any remedy, it is necessary that you are satisfied with it and have complete information about it The information did not use any item with half-incomplete information,

whatever information we have mentioned above is taken from the internet, so our website or block does not claim any truth