weight is also a really big problem, due to which we look unfit many times, so many times we have to lose our desired job or dream.

There are many ways by which you can use your You can increase the weight as quickly as possible, but we will only tell

 you have to keep in mind that you must eat food at least three to four times a day and what food should always be chewed because When you have to eat, then it will give energy to your body,

include some protein-rich foods in your food, such as milk, curd, and ghee and if you are non-vegetarian then you can also take meat or eggs also.

if you want to increase your weight then you can eat fruits and vegetables. You have to use Jind if the amount of fat is good like banana

, you can also consume a glass of juice every day, you can take banana juice, it will increase your weight fast,

along with you have to keep in mind that you do not fried things. Eat or at least reduce it because it will increase your weight but not only your body but

you also eat almonds Foods like roti which have high protein can also be taken in small amounts, which will help you in gaining weight,

but you do not have to sit for the whole day, at the same time you have to keep doing some exercise because you have to increase your body weight. not take care of the stomach

that you should avoid protein powder or any other medicine as far as possible because the weight created in this way soon leads to more diseases.