How to keep our body fit without exercise

has become the biggest problem of today's time because eating it nowadays has become a problem for us to stay fit due to our spoiled routine, today we will say some things about that without you. How can he leave his work after an exercise, how can

you stay fit, make a good routine of yourself and start your routine accordingly like getting up at 5:00 in the morning and sleeping on time in the evening, after a while, you will see that this will help your body. It has proved to be very effective for many people,

you should have the ability to do some work for your house on your own like cleaning the house on Sunday, clearing the trees in the garden, giving water to them and you're Doing the work yourself means not relying on anyone, it will give you the benefit of two ways, first, you will not trust anyone and secondly, your physical capacity will increase manifold,

you can say yes to yourself for some household chores like from the market Bringing vegetables, bringing some other household items, you can do it on a bicycle or by going on foot. Your body will get a lot of exercises and it will not even be counted in the exercise, the second benefit will improve your mood.

There should not be a lot of carbohydrates in the food, that is, you can consume more protein or calcium-rich food.

You should eat at least three to four times a day, then eat more than once, it would be very good if you eat three to four times because it will be easier to digest and your body will be more healthy.