What are some home remedies to control diabetes In

today, sugar is a common problem that engulfs the elderly as well as the person of every age. It is often believed that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar,

diabetes can be controlled in many ways, but first of all, you have Attention has to be paid to diet because it is most important because we all know that diabetes cannot be eradicated from the root, it can only be controlled which we will do

you can also hide fig leaves every day from this. Your diabetes can be controlled and with this, you can also use neem leaves because the antibiotic properties are very much found in the rule

you can take berries or grape seeds and grind them and consume them every day, there is a lot of Ram in diabetes and together it is an Ayurvedic medicine

Amla is considered to be very good for diabetes and it controls sugar immediately. That is, by drinking aloe vera juice separately, sugar comes under control,

after soaking a spoonful of fenugreek in water at night and consuming it with water in the morning, that is, with soaked water, you will control diabetes

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